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Anonymous asked:

Imagine Drift talking dirty to Crosshairs in public and in Japanese. He talks in a casual tone, so no one realizes what he's doing. Crosshairs starts twtiching and overheating, and everyone around thinks that Drift is saying something rude to get a rise out of the green mech. When Crosshairs finally snaps and drags Drift away, no one is surprised. Later, Drift is covered in dents and scrapes and looks way too smug






"You still there. Time won’t help to forget as told"

Listening to this song reminds me of them

Since it’s Thai song so I translate the lyric here below.(I’m sorry if the translation didn’t good ;v;~)


Wake to find the truth. How long have you leave me.

I want to meet you again just once. Where are you now?

So far away and I can’t find you. Wonder if I ever meet you again.

Even I know you never came back.


It doesn’t matter how long have pass. You still the only one, the only one in my heart. You still beautiful and I still love you even I know you never came back.

Look at the clock and it’s still working and  only me that keep walking backward. You still there and time won’t help to forget as told (I’m not sure about this it’s sounds lame but I hope you understand)

I know we’ll never together from now on but I still love you.

Waking from illusion to face the loneliness. The life without you is so meaningless and I keep waiting endlessly


Because love is still buried deep in me. The picture when we together still haunting every time I  close my eyes.



The lyric really nice and beautiful I hope my translation skill won’t ruin the mood…lol

After I listen to this song I can’t stop myself from drawing them ;—;

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